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Welcome to Brad's Bikes!

When my wife told me to get a hobby in late 1999, little did she know where it would lead!

It started innocently enough, with a 1975 Norton 850 Commando, which I drove home in 30 degree weather - and I'd never had anything larger than a Kawasaki 400cc previously!!!

A Hobby That Grew...

January found a 1974 Triumph Trident in the garage, along with a trailer-that's trouble! The rest is history, now having many more bikes than my age in years! Keep in mind that I'd stopped riding more than 25 years earlier! My, how all that has changed!

This website is dedicated to my family, who have
given me the time and support to get back into a
sport I enjoy, from collecting to riding to racing.

Check out the bikes from around the world under Photo Gallery , and visit the special guests under Family and Friends! Interested in getting your first or next vintage bike? Check out our Current Offerings inventory!

Sounds like the event in Alabama was a hit this year, with good weather, and reasonably priced stuff, that's refreshing! The auction seemed a bit light from a volume standpoint, need input from you on how those prices ended up, and your thoughts generally, send me a note!

There's alot of inventory on Current Offerings, take a look. And if you're not already following me on Instagram, please do so! The pics out there are amazing!

Enjoy the ride, and thanks for visiting!

For those of you new to the website, please note: All of us enjoy vintage motorcycles in the "purist" sense, and hope you do too! We are glad to offer an opinion on the value of a vintage motorcycle, feel free to email us a picture! We'll also consign your bike to the website for a nominal fee, only when it sells. Email brad for further details at: fouryankeez@gmail.com

This website is intended to be viewed by those sharing this passion, for relaxation purposes only - enjoy the ride!!