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Here's some of my favorite places to get parts, if you just need a phone number, tell them Brad sent you!!

--Bultaco: in NY

--Bridgestone Parts: Certified Parts Corp, Janesville, WI  608-752-9441

--Hodaka: Strictly Hodaka, Paul Stannard, 401-364-3427

--Honda: 916-412-9919

--Kawasaki and HD: Johnny's Kaw, Ohio, 330-335-7365

--Kawasaki: 916-412-9919

--Moto Guzzi: Harper's in Missouri - 816-697-3411, talk to Curtis.

--Moto Morini: Hermy's in PA, 610-562-3155.

--Ossa: Alex Snoop, NY, 845-783-3557 (Avoid Keith Lynas in CA, bad experiences abound)

--Penton: go to, or call 330-364-2050.

--Suzuki: Vintage Suzuki, CA, 760-806-4564 (mainly dirt bike stuff)

--Triumph/Norton/BSA/Matchless: Baxter's, IA, 712-781-2351; Walridge, Canada, 519-641-2770

--Yamaha: Speed and Sport in PA, 570-784-6831

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